Uselessness of Real estate classified websites is useful to whom ?

If you think Real estate classified website ad posting does not make sense in buying property online, you are right in one way because there is not such mechanism available and probably will not be to do so.Even if there will be, the challenge is to insert trust in it. As you being a property seeker wants to know about property details, CLU(Change of land use) status you prefer to go for sight visit(Where the property is being developed). On the other side these real estate classified websites lends a helping hand in shortening your choices by providing you more choices. They are just the responsive directories and nothing else.The biggest illusion regarding these Web real estate property websites is relevancy about their traffic.People still Google their queries for property needs.However these property classified websites do work hard on search engine marketing(SEM). But the actual SEO(Search engine optimization) is being done unintentionally by ad posters.How ? the more the site will be visited by Ad posters, the more are chances of getting listed on Google search. Point is Ad posters create enough traffic for the site to be seen on Google for Ad seekers.

There are numerous Property dealers/brokers/builder associates who regularly post ads to Property websites thereby increasing web traffic in one way.But credibility about sight visit from end-user is not credible.Dealers/Builders are posting ads in huge number.Unique visitor to property website is high also because of large pool of developers, builders, brokers and their employees. but when it comes to buying the property people will look at local newspapers and prefers a sight visit to the property.Why ? because Newspaper advertisement generates some amount of trust among people. Even if people goes to Internet for property search they search on Google because most of real estate classified websites of India lacks in creating brand value among property buyers and not the sellers

These websites even charge premium for ad posting.Dealers ends up in calling each other when tries to cash on some lead provided by these real estate websites.The illusive factor is so higher that these sites even guarantee Leads.Is it makes any sense ? I don’t think so.They are just keeping the illusion higher among ad posters to visit the site and keep the traffic higher.That is what matters to them and nothing else.

However some of the free ad posting sites like Zillow (USA), Quikr(India)  and Olx (India) are reaching the end-user and visitors are going to these sites before considering options to buy or rent. It is mainly because of extensive Ad campaign these property classified websites are running on TV. Zillow is the big daddy in USA real estate scene now and command supremacy in relevancy.However Indian counterparts Quikr and Olx are getting traffic from end-user majorly for renting purposes.Rest of the leads are dealer to dealer.Because in India nothing can replace the brokerage system. It is everywhere. Not only real estate deals in India you need to give commission for almost everything. May be there is some sort of relevancy among OLX and Quikr, but lacks potential in becoming Craigslist of India.(Craigslist is world’s biggest classified website.Horizon of Craigslist is so wide that Facebook founder Zuckerberg during his initial days with development of Facebook got first investment of 1000$ by posting ad on Craigslist. Now you got it, Zuckerberg connected th world by starting up with 1000$ only).

Why Craigslist is biggest and best ?

founded by Craig Newmark

Craig Newmark

Craigslist today is world’s No. 1 and biggest Classified giant running in 50 + countries and that too for free. Ok ! free here could implies ad posting is free. fine ! .. But the point is Craigslist was running from donations only. yeah it’s true. but now Craigslist is using some clever tact of making money and these tacts are controversial too.It includes paid adults ad posting. Craigslist probably is the only classified in the world which do not depend upon Google for traffic on its websites. They don’t stress upon SEO and SEM techniques. Why ?  Brand Craigslist is so strong now that people go directly to Craigslist when they want something related to Classifieds.That very factor is called supremacy and trust embedded in it.

Craigslist is also available in India at

Whereas the Premium sites in India such as Magicbricks are targeting residential and commercial builders.Their sales team are meeting real estate builders/brokers one-on-one for concept selling.They just have the database of India’s builders and promoters and reaching them to buy their services.So are they not at all reaching end-user ?.No it is not the case either.Take the case of Magicbricks, which went on to be the no. 1 Real estate classified website of India with in months of its launch. It happened because they reached end-user(buyer) and seller simultaneously.Are they doing the job of broker by meeting seller and buyer at one go ?No not all. No one can replace brokers(Dealers). Magicbricks went on for All India Event organizing spree for public, resulting in building the brand among public, Builders, Consultants, dealers, Sponsors and media.The intensity is so high with magicbricks may be because it is owned by leading media house Times group

These sites serve people for Information purpose only.And for that they are using Sponsored listing services such as Google Adwords and building some credible and repeated visitors.Those who are smart enough to showcase the trust and relevancy factor will flourish in Property classified website arena.

.With higher rate of property related frauds people don’t believe face-to-face talk with broker or owner of property how can they believe the Internet ? Give them the very reason to believe and your website will be a hit.

Conclusion is that these property classified websites are useful to these website owners and not the users, either buyer or seller.

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  1. Hi Vikas…I have three websites…one each for buyers, sellers and my niche (new construction)…. people are directed to those websites via print advertising…. from there they call me… my print advertising is a key component of my marketing….it’s not lost…print still has much life and if used properly, it works well…. I use direct mail marketing and newspaper advertising (full page) …. I’m found…. that’s important….be found… and then once you’re found, direct them where you want them to go!!!

  2. Craigslist and Backpage really do a great job at getting the little postings and snippets out that need to be there. Much more so than paying for a site for an ad that no one likes. Great post!

  3. very helpful information get from this post.