Top 7 Influential Public speakers of Incredible India

1.Navjot singh sidhu

Navjot Singh Sidhu

Profession : Former Cricketing Player,Cricket Commentator, Politician,TV celebrity{Judge and BiggBOSS 6(Big brother Indian franchise) contestant}.

His Influential status is mostly driven by his sense of speech and timing.He himself never thought of becoming a politician or commentator or a TV show celebrity,but you never know what destiny holds for you if you stick to your principle of doing karma and once you got the opportunity just explore it like he did.

After retiring from cricket,he explored career in commentary,from here the actual bull run begins.he is famous because of his one liners(Ravi shastri is also one of his kind commentator)After that he go on to be a judge on various TV shows, not actually to judge but to extract his own talent of being an influential speaker and later he joined BJP(an Indian political party), you know political parties are always on the look out of influential leaders like him.

2. Shiv Khera

Shiv khera

Profession : Motivational Speaker and Author

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Inspired by Norman Vincent Peale not only by his thoughts but also by his style of presenting himself as an author.That very phase of his life turned him into a motivational speaker and Author.

One thing he did nice is where ever he uses someone Else’s content duly gives credit to the respective copyright holder.

He is no different to other motivating speakers either from Indian or others but the fact is,he is the first one to explore the motivational speaker platform for commercial purposes.

He also tried politics but failed to impress.Reasons include his stand on caste based reservation.He is against it.

His book You Can Win is the best seller.

3. Narendra modi

Narendra modi

Profession : Politician and Chief Minister of Gujarat,a state in India

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Always surrounded by controversies, this man leads Gujarat(an Indian state) to be a prosperous and vibrant state.He is known for crowd pulling ability as a speaker(as he always uses his own words rather to read already written speech)  unlike his counterparts in Indian politics who uses money,liquor or other means to gather people.

However he was denied a US visa because of Immigration and Nationality Act that states any foreign government official who was responsible or “directly carried out, at any time, particularly severe violations of religious freedom” ineligible for the visa.,But UK change changed their stance on modi after oct. 2012.

his latest goodie includes a Gutka Mukti Abhiyan by not considering TAX benefits to the state from gutka makers.He says…

I have to save the youths of Gujarat from the dreaded evil of cancer and that’s why a decision to impose a complete ban on gutka has been taken.

4. Sunitha Krishnan

Sunitha Krishnan

Profession : Social Worker

Claims herself as a rare breed of individuals who have committed their lives for the cause

Awards : Stree Shakthi Puraskar(national award),

Perdita Huston Human Rights Award

World Of Children Award.

She came into limelight after a Sympathy gaining speech at TED(Technology Entertainment Design)

after this speech she successfully collects $100,000 from donors.Not going by,how truthfully she is,or just another way of selling sympathy.What matters is,she is influential enough to generate huge  dollars from gathered people to whom she addresses for the sake of saving kids from sex slavery.

I sometimes worry that Prajwala is a bad thing for my children.” A friend, who donated for Prajwala regularly, didn’t want to consider a rescued girl as housekeeper, though she desperately needed one.Schools reject Prajwala children outright, afraid that they might be HIV positive.

But sometimes she contradicts herself.

Dear sunita even if your friend donated for prajwala,why the hell she is or is not willing to hire children as a housekeeper,isn’t d is the child labor or if some school rejects your children,who told you to disclose about their medical condition.If I am not wrong even acc. to Health Department(government of India) never to discloses the HIV test results,but above all you are showing the pictures of these kids,are you not using them.

5. Russell peters

Russell Peters

Profession : Comedian, Actor

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Here we are not talking about Inspirational or motivational speakers,but about influence,it’s about being getting noticed again and again.Comedian like Russell peters is eligible to be on the list.Famous for his racist comedy,but he is doing it so cleverly that no one complaints about that because he is uniting the humanity by mocking the fakes embed by the human being to self either it is Racism, race relations, stereotypes, multiculturalism.Being from Indian origin he always mocks Indian culture and interestingly has huge Indian fan-base because they also know he is mocking the illusive stereotypes embed-ed on their lives.Though unintentionally Russell is uniting the human race,you can see people from every race,every country,every religion sitting next to each other in his concerts,laughing

6. Baba Hardev singh, Head SNM

Bab Hardev Singh

Head Sant Nirankari Mission (SNM),a spiritual leader

Though it is hard to find an organization in India with no controversies involved around. Sant Nirankari Mission is different because as they say

“neither a new religion nor a sect of an existing religion, but an all-embracing spiritual movement dedicated to human welfare”

Though it is actually an offshoot of Sikhism, which separated from orthodox Sikhism in 1929 CE.Not going in details of that(get it here).

Today SNM is a global(outside India, more than 100 branches in 31+ countries,mostly in Britain and North America) mission(strictly not a religion) where everybody is welcomed to be a part of universal brotherhood and that matters most(specially in India today)

Today it is only Nirankari mission where you will find people of almost every religion and interestingly SNM(Sant Nirankari Mission) is itself not a religion.SNM continues to spread peace and uniting not only the religions but also entire human race, they call this campaign a UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD MOMENT. Hats off to this great moment.

one of the one liners that represents SNM as a wave of universal brotherhood is


7. Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat

Profession : Full-time Author

Education : IIT Delhi, IIM Ahmedabad

Chetan Bhagat Official sitelink

He is today one of the most successful authors with viable commercial aspect. He is known for his famous novels ‘Five point someone’ and ‘The 3 Mistakes of my life’ which appeal to younger generation specially to IIT aspirants of India.

Worked in Honkong as an Investment banker for 11 years but shifted to India for his passion of writing and always carry the Brand IIT with him because it is the prime selling point or USP of him.Later on he turned to mass media and started writing op-ed columns for various Hindi and English newspapers.With huge fan following among youths he delivered various influential speeches on various platforms.Though he is more of a writer rather than a speaker but both qualities synchronized to produce an effect which appeals to the audience

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