How to get a Premium theme for free |

If at all Premium HTML themes at Themeforest or any other theme selling website gets your attention. you really want one to develop or just edit for your personal or corporate use.You don’t want to pay for Premium theme either.

You can also try the following trick with themes other than HTML.

No worries ! Follow the following steps

1. Browse through HTML themes from any of the theme buying websites.

2. Narrow your search to what ever the theme you want.

3. Download HTTRACK(get it here)

4. Install HTTRACK

5. Run the Installed software.

6. Click Next -> fill the ‘Project name’ -> You may leave the project category or fill it -> Choose the ‘base path’ on to your system(where you want to keep the downloaded file) -> Click Next

7. By defaultĀ  ‘Action’ is ‘Download Website(s)’. keep it as it is/ or you can change according to need.

8. Copy Paste the Demo link of theme that you intend to buy in ‘Web address (URL)’

9. Done ! Enjoy your Premium theme for free. Edit it in Notepad to get it according to your need.You can use Dreamweaver also for better editing view.