how to create a perfect rumor

1. Priya rai in big boss 6

Indian Television series Big Boss – The Indian version of Big Brother reportedly in talks with Priya Anjali Rai to enter house of the show. claims the following link

Celebrities ever wonder how the rumors about them spread,moreover they wants to know the origin.

why this very rumor is on the minds of people ?

Inclusion of Sunny Leone into Big Boss 5 gave a strong message to the people that Creative team at colors are just a bit extra creative

So if Sunny Leone is in Bigboss 5 , Obviously the regular porn viewers  guessed the another Indian origin Underdog successful Porn star Priya rai will surely be in Big Boss 6 but the News 88 Authors wants to ignite the spark of rumor and it began from here out of curiosity.

why you should ignore Newz88 ?

They just have a sub domain of wordpress,one of the most popular blogging service.Moreover,hosted by wordpress only.So practically it is free from all sides.

Moreover the word News is changed to Newz, i.e. something not liked by Google

why Priya rai will not be in Big Boss 6 ?

1. She is not contacted by the Channel

2. She is very much in demand and even if channel will contact her,she will ask for heavy fees,as she is much bigger star then her counter part Leone.

What will happen just wait and watch Big Boss 6.

Anyways these Rumors could also be spread unofficially by Team behind Big Boss just to create a buzz and a push to TRP.

2. Facebook Paid or free for users ?

The rumor started by Frank Lake of  weeklyworldnews.Though he may not be the origin of this very rumor.

why he did that ?

simply to get attention towards his website.Frank mostly uses gossip posts in name of NEWS to get attention of readers. His recent gossip include crush of thai PM on Obama.view it here

It’s free and always will be.

this rumor episode forces facebook to put above tagline to signup link on homepage.

3. Facebook to buy WhatsApp

Latest rumor doing the round is this and interestingly the source of rumor is Tech Crunch,whose article looks like an advice to zuckerberg rather to be a news.View more